About me

Growing up in a large sporty family, I fondly remember on many a sunny day, being cooped up inside, drawing and painting while my siblings bashed it out on the tennis court. At college I studied art for a couple of years before changing to “more practical subjects with better job prospects” (my parents’ words!).

From then on, any desire or motivation to pick up art again was lost to raising my children and a successful career in marketing and communications, though that creative streak was an asset for the latter.

But it was only after my husband and I made the move out of the competitive, fast-paced corporate world that we had been living for over 40 years, and had moved to a quieter, more relaxed part of New Zealand, that I finally had the time and desire to start drawing and painting again.

FranB in her studio
In my studio

I am still very much in the early days of learning and experimenting with my art. I have tried to make my art reflect some of the things I love about my life and have enjoyed over the years: my wonderful family and friends, the many interesting people I’ve had met on my life journey, the exotic countries and cultures we have visited, captivating images of animals and birds I’ve come across, my fascination with vibrant colours and bright clothing, and just that ‘Joie de vivre’ and appreciative attitude I’m grateful to possess.

The Artist at her easel
At my easel

I buy many of my art supplies from Jackson’s, and highly recommend them


Art to me is my way of expressing that joy of life, as well as being my escape and ‘happy place’. It’s my way of achieving mindfulness and enabling me to step back in time to become that young girl again, who’s sitting inside, with her paper and coloured pencils, and a passion to draw.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my paintings that are for sale or would like to commission a painting, please email me at franb@lotsforall.com