Aunty Dorothy

Aunty Dorothy

Oils on board, unframed

My first commission came from my cousin who, impressed with the portrait I did of my Dad, requested one of her mother (my Dad’s sister).

A difficult challenge, as I wanted to reflect my memories of her as a very warm and dignified lady (my Uncle was an elected town Mayor which meant my Aunty was in the public eye a lot as Mayoress).

But I also wanted to paint a true likeness for her family, that captured for them, memories of a loving mother and grandmother.

Fortunately, both the family and I were happy with the end result, with none of these key elements being compromised.

30cm x 40cm

“Hi Fran, I’m absolutely thrilled with the portrait of Mum! The likeness and the way you have captured her personality is amazing; it brings back such happy memories each time I look at it. Thank you so much!” – Priscilla (Jun 2019)

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