Courting Peacock

Courting Peacock

Acrylics on canvas

After a demonstration of acrylic paint pouring, I was hooked. In this picture I’ve experimented using it as a background which I have then painted over to put in my subject.

The poured bright colours were brought forward by sandpapering the black paint base and are subtle enough to allow the peacock feathers to stand out. The metallic painted ‘eyespots’ on the feathers allow them to burst out, giving an amazing full-fan display of the tail feathers during the peacock’s courtship dance.

I also chose a round canvas to paint on so as to accentuate the fanning of the tail.

50cm diameter

“Thank you, Fran, for my wonderful peacock painting. The colours are absolutely stunning and it’s the perfect addition to our home décor.”
Maxine (Jul 2019)

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