The Lily Pond

The Lily Pond

Acrylic artwork medium on board, unframed

Using acrylic paint pouring as a background, this painting was inspired by the great Impressionist artist Claude Monet. The acrylic poured background used colours that I associated with a lily pond.

I have deliberately tried to minimise the number of alterations to the poured background, choosing instead to create the lily pond and goldfish from the natural flow of the poured paints.

The end result being a smooth, naturally flowing picture of a lily pond containing brightly coloured goldfish.

25cm x 45cm
SOLD – Canvas prints available on request

2 thoughts on “The Lily Pond

  1. Fran, I loved this painting on first sight (on the web page!) And I’m so happy to have it setting off the colours in my lounge. The flow of the pond scene is so natural and beautiful. Even Monet would have been impressed!

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