Birds of Play Style 2

Birds of Play Style 2

Acrylics on canvas

For this commission of some New Zealand native birds, I did two styles of painting, as well as a different combination of birds for each style.

This painting, ‘Style 2’, used a softer, looser brush technique than ‘Style 1’, and the simplicity of the background and branch that the birds are standing on minimises any distraction from the main focus of the painting which is the birds.

There’s still lots of fun and playfulness reflected through this painting but it is more subtle than the ‘Style 1’ painting.

1.5m x 1.0m

“Fran, thank you so much for painting a beautiful piece for our lounge! We absolutely love looking at it and being drawn to it!

Fran took us along the journey of the artwork by compiling a rough sketch and then drafted some of the key pieces of our painting before painting the final piece. Fran was very easy to work with; she was open to changes and was meticulous in ensuring it was what we wanted while including her creative flair!” – Sheryl (Jul 2019)

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